Marketing of Services Notes

Marketing of Services Notes

Kotler and bloom – (1984) Defined services as:

“any activity on benefit that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything”

Marketing can be split into two major areas i.e. marketing of services and marketing of goods. Therefore marketing of services is a subdivision of marketing.

Service Marketing basically refers to marketing of business to consumer [B2C] and business to business [B2B] services like telecommunications services, financial services, health care services, hospitality services,  travel services,  professional services etc.

From a consumers point of view marketing of services can be defined as activities offered to an individual for sale that provide valuable benefits or satisfaction, activities which he cannot perform himself or chooses not to.

About the Marketing of Services Notes/Ebook

BBA|mantra`s Marketing of Services Notes/E-book will serve as concise textbook for BBA/BBM/BMS/MBA and other management students and will provide a brief knowledge on various concepts of Marketing of Services. This ebook includes a concise presentation of the subject matter with extensive use of charts, tables and figures to help students understand the core concepts of Service Marketing.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Marketing of Services

 Difference between goods and services

 Types of Services

 Classification of services

 Managing Service Quality

 GAP Analysis

Coming Soon:

 Service Marketing Mix

 Marketing for Tourism Industry

Marketing for Hospitals


Service quality notes


service marketing introduction notes

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