B.COM VS BBA – Which Degree/Course Should You Choose?

The most confusing situation in a student’s life is choosing a degree after high school. The Students who took science group with PCM or PCB mostly opt Medical, Engineering or any other Arts & Science degree. But students who took commerce in their high school itself are mostly determined to join either BBA or B Com. That’s where the confusion starts. They will start enquiring random people about choosing between BBA and B Com and get more perplexed with the variety of answers they receive. That is why we have come up with this article. This article is a remedy for all those confusions.

Both courses got their own merits and demerits. Before deciding your course it is necessary to learn thoroughly about both the courses. You must be aware of its scope, further studies related to it, syllabus etc., After that deciding your degree will not be an issue.


It is once a most famous and sought-after course until the introduction of Courses like B.sc, Engineering, etc., Students who took Commerce in their high school opt B.Com. But even Science students are eligible for this course. It is a three years program divided into 6 semesters. The old B.Com program only covered subjects related to commerce. But nowadays more specialized programs like B.Com in Information Technology, Computer Application etc., are introduced and offered in various Colleges across India.


First of all, it’s one such course that has the largest availability across the Colleges in India. But it’s not the reason we put forth to justify why you should join this course. The point is that finding a reputed College for this course would not be a tough deal. Since we told that specialization in B.Com has been diverted, it gives students the privilege of choosing from an interesting list of new programs.

Being one of the oldest courses, B. Com never lost its charm that it can be used to build a strong foundation for your career considering the plethora of job opportunities and Postgraduate programs available for students who chose this degree.

B.Com is also an easier course when compared to other degrees and it’s an added advantage on why to choose B.com over other courses.


B.Com graduates are eligible for a variety of Government jobs and in fact, those who aspire to become a government employee mostly choose B.com as it is one of the easiest among various other undergraduate programs.

In private sectors, B.Com graduates get placed in managerial level positions and also they might get posted as auditors and accountants. Those who go for Postgraduate courses have better career prospects when compared to those having just a UG Degree. Students mostly prefer doing PG courses after B.Com for setting up a promising career.


Here is a list of careers one may pursue most commonly after B.com.

  • Masters of Commerce ( M.Com )
  • Chartered Accountant ( CA )
  • Masters of Business Administration ( MBA )

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BBA gets you landed straightly on a professional career after your high school. It’s a straight management course that focuses on management and administration studies. It teaches all the basics of management covering topics like HR management, business management skills, office administration, finance management, retail management, supply chain management, marketing, and operations management etc., It also got its Honours program or specialization courses that are offered by various Colleges across the Country. Ex., BBA in Airport management


BBA will be a perfect pick if you are an Entrepreneurial aspirant. That’s an advantage to be emphasized. Also, you can go for any other management jobs with just this Undergraduate Degree. But if you want to reach places you must consider doing some Post Graduate degree as well especially MBA from a credible institution.

Holding a BBA will make your life easier in higher level MBA programs as BBA covers all the basics for a management course. If you could not pursue a PG Degree then you can do wonders with a BBA degree too. BBA graduates can look for a job in various sectors such as Banking, Finance, IT companies, Consultancy etc.,

BBA graduates can also apply for Government jobs. Especially jobs demanding basic graduation. The opportunities are vast and with proper effort, one can get posted in one of the many government sectors available like Banks, Armed Forces, Indian Railways, Municipal Corporations etc.,


Completing a PG course will add more value to a graduate’s Resume. MBA is so far mostly preferred for a PG course considering the plenty of opportunities provided on diverse platforms. It almost looks like BBA graduate is more eligible for an MBA when compared to other Under Graduates.

If you are money minded and expect high salary package then you are destined to do MBA. BBA itself will not be enough for your expected career growth. When you rule out ‘Money’ from your list of reasons for doing an MBA, then the most suitable reason comes to the top that MBA enhances your Leadership qualities and decision-making abilities. It shapes you into a more perfect as a person. It helps your transition from a student to a professional.
Apart from MBA, there are many other PG courses available. It’s up to the students to choose a course of their interest. Best Courses after BBA



You have some basic knowledge of both the courses by now. It’s time to reveal the universal secret about whether you should choose B.Com or BBA after high school. First of all, none of these two courses could dominate the other. Each has its own merits and reasons for why should we choose it. But we can infer some conclusion depending on our area of interest. To be clear, if you want to take up a skill specific professional course immediately after your High school, then BBA is for you. Also if MBA is your destination you can blindly choose BBA.

When it comes to B.Com if you are good at calculations or a whiz kid in mathematics you can go for it. You can set your career in the finance sector and for a PG degree, considering your ability in crunching numbers, CA is much preferred over MBA. You can also go for MBA after B.Com but MBA with BBA under your belt will do more good to you in your career.

Moreover, whatever course you choose, it’s your dedication and determination that would take you to places. Never take your degree for granted. Enter the sector which you feel you are cent percentage suitable for. Your level of hard work is what that pays off in the end. Finally, BBA or B.Com? It’s up to you. Both degrees promises a prosperous future. Choose wisely. Good luck!

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Anurag Mhalotra

You should go for BBA course, B,com is a general degree. BBA course offer an opportunity to acquire professional skills in the early stage of their career as a management professional.You can develop skills leadership, communication skills, critical thinking, and decision-making.

Gita Tharu

Thanks for sharing valuable information.