Is BBA a Good Option for Science Stream Students?

The well-known benefit of choosing science stream is that we will be able to jump into any field after high school. Isn’t that the reason you chose Science in the first place?

 Worship science or Listen to your conscience?

If you devoured PCM with all your heart for the last 2 years, this article is not for you. This article is for PCM students who need an assurance that stepping into commerce, leaving science behind after school is not actually the biggest mistake of their life.

“I pursued PCM with Economics from La Martiniere College, Lucknow and then opted to do BBA after that and it was a piece of cake. You only need to work a bit initially on accounting and you are all set. I made that decision because I realized that I took PCM just because I was not bad at it and because of the social pressure, I never really enjoyed these subjects. Switching to BBA was the best decision I ever made, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and BBA was the best start I could have had.” 

– Vikas Choudhary | Founder BBA Mantra

First of all, you must know the difference between choosing a career path that would promise you a mediocre life with no money problems and choosing a career you love from the heart that you believe you are very good at it. We recommend choosing the latter. However risky it seems it is the path that is going to lead you to your irrefutable success. You want to get into BBA. But you have taken up Science group in your school. So what? This is the correct time to decide your career. This is the age your maturity level gradually elevates. You know apart good and bad. Then you must know what is the correct path regarding your interests and skills. People switch their fields even at 40. Look at you… you are just 18! Most engineering graduates in India switch from fields like chemical, civil, mechanical and electrical to IT and software; Due to lack of jobs in their respective fields or it could be their lack of skill. The skills they weren’t able to develop just because they chose a wrong course after High school due to their family pressures; just because they were not made for it.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself about what inspires you the most. If it’s business, go and apply for BBA with no second thought.

Wait… Did we leave anything?

Yeah! You can do MBA after Engineering and gain management skills, but you will find it very difficult to do engineering after BBA. If you are having such a strange idea, reconsider it. We are not pressuring you toward anything. We are just guiding you just like the hundreds of advice you would find on the web. It is totally up to you to decide your career. If anyone in this world who could decide a promising career for you means it is YOU!

Let’s get started…

First of all, not all students who choose Science in their High School pick the courses related to it. They take up Science so that they would be having a variety of choices when they complete their board exams. It’s one advantage of picking the science group in high school. Now let’s come to the topic. We have almost already answered the topic. Is BBA good option for a Science stream student? Rather than just saying a blunt YES, We present you this article to justify that yes. If you are keeping a false belief that you would reap what is sown in the syllabus then you have to immediately get rid of that belief. Whatever field you choose, it’s your ideas and unique efforts that would define what you are going to be in the end. You don’t choose a field based on its difficulty level. There is nothing easy when it comes to setting up a promising career.


BBA is a three-year degree that concentrates on the basics of management. If you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur then this course is the sole foundation. MBA is the perfect pick for the Masters after BBA where you would further get into detail about entrepreneurial, leadership and management skills. BBA is a versatile course and you can get into a variety of fields after the course. So it is clear that BBA doesn’t restrict you to any particular sector. BBA is offered in a large number of colleges across the country. It’s almost like one could get a decent college within her/his district itself.

Eligibility Criteria:

It doesn’t require an outstanding academic performance to pursue BBA. The most general criteria for BBA is that the candidate should have scored at least 50% or more in their 10th and 12th examinations. It is easier than it sounds. Some institutes may expect candidates to pass their entrance exams. Mostly those examinations will be based on Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and Language (English).

So you could see that practically any student could opt for BBA considering the elementary eligibility criteria. Clearly, you are not an exception. If you want a career in management, forget about the stream you took on high school and land on the BBA course.


Let’s assume that you have just done your high school with PCM decorating your mark sheet. You are determined not to pursue engineering right now. Still, you are also not sure about BBA. You are in desperate need of weighing the merits and demerits of taking up BBA so that you would be able to take a good decision. You have landed on the right article. You do not have to worry anymore. Here we are providing the basic pros and cons of science student choosing BBA.


  • You will grasp everything very easily as you are already exposed to complex problems.
  • You will nail accounts and finance as you have already been exposed to Vectors, differentiation, and integration.
  • You would be a heavy competition to commerce students. Still, you are advised to concentrate more on management subjects.
  • The level of stress will be low when compared to Engineering students.
  • You will have more time to do an add-on course.
  • You will have a clear idea about the topics you study.
  • You will be a perfect pick for the MBA course.


  • Most of the subjects will be totally new to you.
  • Your peers with commerce background will have an edge over you as they have already studied the subjects.
  • You cannot make a choice of taking up Engineering after BBA.
  • Job Opportunities might be low if you did not do a PG course.

As you can see, the points in Cons are less than the Pros. Even the demerits could be sorted out with some good effort. Hence we are concluding this article with a clear and straightforward answer for the topic. You could confidently go for BBA even though you are a science stream student. Again, if anyone could take a better decision on your career means, it is YOU! Choose wisely! Rise and Shine!

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