How to find the right college for yourself ?

Choosing the right college or university is perhaps one of the toughest decisions of a student’s life. It is where you are going to be spending several years of your life, it is where you lay the foundation of your career, network and make friends, learn and evolve as a human being on the whole. To do  Graduation students need to fill UPTU form 2018, Unless you opt for Distance education from, for example, the Top Distance MBA Colleges, maybe.

“The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.”

-Albert Einstein

And the dawn of a new beginning cannot be a spur of the moment decision, but rather a well-planned strategy, brought into effect over the course of time. Because it isn’t just where you select to go anymore, it is also the college/university that chooses you, as well. So you have got to prepare!

Ask yourself, do you want to study at the Top MBA Colleges in India? Or select something close to home? Or some college/university offering good financial aid?

No worries though, we have a set of tips for you that will help you choose the right college/university for yourself, as this is the cornerstone of a bright future.

9 Tips to find the right college/university for you:

  1. What is your Goal?

First and foremost, figure out what is it that interests you, and what do you want a career in. Once you have decided on a program of your limning, the next steps are easy.

Start searching for colleges/university offering your program.

  1. The Faculty and Curriculum

The program you have chosen has a curriculum set out to cover major aspects that determine the growth of a student during their course of education. Make sure the college/university you choose covers all these aspects in the subjects they offer. Compare the curriculum to that of other colleges/universities offering the same program, for reference.

Do check out the professor to student ratio, the lesser it is, the better assistance you’ll get. And also, go through your department’s history for their professional background, and its functioning; to understand the quality of education you can expect.

  1. The Graduation Rate

The past is a lesson waiting to be learned. So check out the graduation rate, and see the passing ratio of students that have passed out. This will help you anticipate the performance rate of the students from the college.

  1. Campus Recruitment Policy

Perhaps the most important point on your checklist. Investigate the number of students that get placed every year, and the companies that come for recruitment. This will help you prepare for your future after college.

  1. Affordability and Financial Aid

As daunting as choosing a college/university is, affordability becomes a major factor during the process. Look for colleges that offer scholarships, college loans and financial aids to students who cannot cover their tuition fees. After all, college is a very expensive affair!

  1. Location and Ambiance

It is crucial to have a college with a good ambience. It gives you the vibe of positivity and works as a performance booster in the long run.

The location of the college can be of your choice. Depending on the weather or culture you prefer. Or you choose to study from somewhere close to home so that you can drop off the dirty laundry for mom whenever.

  1. Accreditation

This is rather important as the college/university you studied from acts a formidable name tag everywhere you go. A good college/university gives you credibility.

Look if the college is accredited by NAAC. The NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL is an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India to assess and accredit institutions of higher education in the country.

  1. Facilities and Extracurricular Activities

You have got to have fun along with getting an education. See if your college has a good infrastructure and the facilities for extracurricular activates like swimming, running, dancing playing football, etc.

  1. Networking with Alumni

Last but not the least, network with your alumni. Speak to them for a deeper understanding of the life that you are going to live for next couple of years. Or simply visit the college/university. Clear your doubts before you decide anything.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but these 9 tips are surely going to be of great help to not only find the right college/university but also help you in your career.

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