Why Students must Maintain a Journal

Have you ever thought about sharing a secret with someone who will keep it deep and never let it out? Maintaining a regular journal writing habit can help you fill the papers with the breathings of your heart. You can openly pour out your heart on papers without the risk of being judged by someone. Maintaining a journal involves recording the personal thoughts and daily insights. Being a student can be very demanding sometimes. I know because I have been a management student myself with extremely tight schedules, assignments, and submissions to make. It sometimes limits us from expressing our thoughts and feelings.

Some of the most influential personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa had the habit of writing journals on regular basis.

Writing journals are especially useful to students. It helps them feel grateful and count upon their blessing during difficult times. Maintaining journals can be challenging sometimes but it has immense benefits. It can help students to:

Record Details: Maintaining journals help you record day-to-day activities and track the progress that you have made. It can help the students keep track with their activities and also motivates them to perform better day after day.

Mental Health: Regular writing not only helps you feel good emotionally, you can also get to re-live these moments after many years. Writing can really do wonders by keeping your mental health in plum. It can reduce stress levels to a great extent which can control many illnesses and helps in keeping depression at bay. The positivism released through writing also keeps you pumped for life. The Centre for Journal Therapy also vouches of various mental and emotional benefits of maintaining journals.

Improves Creativity: The best way to explore your creativity in writing is by starting to write your journals. Writing journals can help you organize your thoughts and express them in a creative manner. The more you write the better are chances to improve upon your creativity. You can opt for a traditional medium like a cute notebooks or diary or by using some smart apps on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Improves Insight: While writing you tend to have a chat with your inner self. It helps in providing mental clarity to the person writing the journal. This forms a habit which is later carried out throughout the life. It helps a great deal in having better insights towards any issue. Recording the journal helps students to connect with their mind in such a manner that they approach life with insight like never before. Your insight will also improve upon reading them at a later point in life.

Stay Positive: Maintaining regular journals will help you count your blessings. Students can also pen down their painful moments and reconnect with their blessings which will make them feel that the world is much bigger and beautiful. The regular habit of recording journal makes the students think positively and stay in a positive frame of mind. Revisiting old journals during blue days will also kick into an immediate positive frame of mind

Helps Focus: Writing journals on regular basis helps the students to focus on important things in life. It makes the students shred unimportant aspects and keep them attain better focus in life.

Your Safe Zone: Your journal is your private space. Keeping it safe lets you maintain a safe zone for your thoughts and experiences. You can keep it safe with you as long as you want. A Journal is very personal. They may make you laugh or cry once you revisit them. Maintaining journals can be like depositing your feelings in a safety locker. Student life can be full of experiences and adventures. Recording them and revisiting them can also bring a smile to your face after many years.

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