sales promotion strategies

Advertising, sales promotion and personal selling are the three major inter-related tools of promotion which supplement the efforts of each other. Sales promotion is regarded as one of the best tool of promotion as it helps in stimulating customer demand, supplementing advertising activities through cheaper means, facilitating personal selling andRead More →

Project/Slides/Presentation Transcript   Advertisement Project on Home Automation and Security Systems Slide 1 Home Automation and Security Systems DOMOTICS Change the way you live Slide 2 What is Home Automation ? Home Automation or Smart Homes refer to the residential extension of building automation and involves the control and automation of lighting,Read More →

Advertising Agency

An Advertising Agency is an independent organisation that provides one or more specialized advertising and promotion related services to assist companies in developing, preparing and executing their advertising and other promotion programme. Goal of an Advertising agency “Clients advertising leads to greater profits in the long run than without theRead More →