Project Management Notes

Project Management Notes

A Project may be defined as:

“a system involving coordination of different departments throughout the organization which must be completed within prescribed schedule and budget constraints.”

The subject of Project Management is concerned with the planning, analysis, selection, financing and implementation of an organization`s project.

Therefore, Project Management may be defined as an organization venture for managing projects, which involves application of modern tools and techniques in planning, financing, implementing, monitoring, controlling and coordinating unique activities, to produce a desirable output according to some predetermined objectives and  within the constraints of time and cost.

About the Project Management Notes/Ebook

BBA|mantra`s Project Management Notes/E-book will serve as concise textbook for BBA/BBM/BMS/MBA and other management students and will provide a brief knowledge on various concepts of Project Management. This ebook includes a concise presentation of the subject matter with extensive use of charts, tables and figures to help students understand the core concepts of Project Management.

These Project Management notes are based on the latest syllabus of popular management colleges in India.

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Table of Contents


Project Management Introduction

 Generation of Project Idea

 Screening of  Project Ideas

 Market Analysis

 Demand Analysis

 Cost of Project

 Means of Project Financing

 Estimates of Sales & Production

 Cost of Production

 Working Capital Requirements of a Project



Project Management Notes Sample




Project Management Notes Sample


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