Why students must maintain a journal

Have you ever thought about sharing a secret with someone who will keep it deep and never let it out? Maintaining a regular journal writing habit can help you fill the papers with the breathings of your heart. You can openly pour out your heart on papers without the riskRead More →

Why Every Student Must Have A Bank Account

This article will speak about benefits of having a bank account for management students. These bank accounts can be easily opened and operated by management students all over India. By opening a student’s account with any bank in India, you can gain following benefits: Free Setup: Many private and publicRead More →

Why every Management Student must have a Blog

This article will speak about some real benefits to management students for having a blog. All you need is basic computer knowledge, internet, writing skills and technical assistance (in some cases). You can free blogs using SiteBuilder, WebsiteBuilder and SiteBlog. If you are planning to launch your own blog theseRead More →

8 Reasons to Get into Healthcare Career in India

India’s healthcare sector is booming at a pace unprecedented in history. The country has extremely sophisticated and well-defined healthcare systems that meet or exceed international standards. Unfortunately, healthcare sector of India has several gray patches too: basic services are often unavailable to rural and economically weaker segments of the society.Read More →

Writing effective official emails

The life before the advent of Electronic Mails has been something we could never even fathom. Since the time when long-distance communication becomes necessary human has created and advanced through various means of communication starting from pigeon to the freaking technology, we use now. But if you could pay attention,Read More →