Strategic Management Process may be simply defined as the process through which a company formulates its business strategy. ELEMENTS IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROCESS   A. Establishing the hierarchy of strategic intent – Creating and communicating a vision Designing a mission statement Defining the business Adopting the business model Setting objectivesRead More →

Google Strategy & Business development

   Project/Slides/Presentation Transcript Subject: Strategic Management Topic: Google Strategy & Business development INTRODUCTION Google Inc. is an American multinational Internet and software corporation specialized in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies. The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were both attending Stanford University. GoogleRead More →

BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix Boston consultancy group growth share Matrix commonly known as BCG Matrix is a famous portfolio analysis technique developed by Boston consultancy group in the 1970`s. It was developed for managing portfolio of different business units. The BCG Matrix  shows a relationship between products that are generating cash andRead More →

Generic Business Strategies

Generic Business Strategies   Generic Business Strategies refer to strategies which help a firm in achieving competitive advantage and sustaining superior performance. Competitive advantage can be achieved in two ways either by lowering costs or by differentiating the product/service in the market. The three generic business strategies suggested by MichaelRead More →