Technical analysis of a project

Technical analysis of a project is concerned primarily with: Material Inputs and Utilities Manufacturing Process/Technology Product Mix Plant Capacity Location and Site Development Machineries and equipment Structures and Civil works Projects Charts and Layouts Technical Analysis of a Project (1) Material input & utilities – It involves defining the requirements forRead More →

Project management

Project management refers to the application of man, machinery, money and knowledge to achieve objectives of a project. A Project may be defined as “a system involving coordination of different departments throughout the organization which must be completed within prescribed schedule and budget constraints.” A Project is essentially an organizedRead More →

Project on Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation

  Project/Slides/Presentation Transcript Subject: Project Management Topic: Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation   Name: Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation Location – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India Transit type – Rapid transit Number of Lines – 3 (Phase I) Number of stations – 36 (Phase I) Chief Executive – Madhukar Jetley Headquarters – Janpath, Hazratganj, LucknowRead More →

Capital Budgeting and Various techniques of Capital Budgeting

According to G.C. Lyrich “Capital budgeting is concerned with the allocation of firm`s financial resources among the available opportunities.  The consideration of investment opportunities involves the comparison of the expected future streams of earnings from a project with the immediate and subsequent streams of earnings from a project, with theRead More →