Personality Theories

Personality refers to the inner psychological characteristics or traits of a person that determine, how a person responds to his/her environment. Inner psychological characteristics are specific qualities, attitudes, mannerism that differentiates one person from another. The behavior of Consumers gets influenced by many factors internal and external. Personality is the innerRead More →

Consumer behaviour Models

A consumer`s behaviour varies owing to the many factors that influence consumer behaviour. Consumer Behaviour Models have been developed to substantiate the various factors that influence consumer behavior and their decision making process. Ten Consumer Behaviour Models The ten Consumer Behaviour models explained below are: Pavlovian Model Economic Model Input,Read More →

Consumer Involvement

Motivation and Consumer Involvement are two crucial sides of the decision making pertaining to purchase of products. They are inseparable attributes that influence the consumers to make their decision to buy or not buy a product. A motivated consumer gets involved in research and analyses activities pertaining to his purchaseRead More →

organizational buying behaviour factors

Organizational Buying Behaviour is a complex decision-making and communication process involving selection and procurement of product and services by organizational buyers. Individuals, organizations or government agencies that make a purchase decision regarding raw materials, products and services, components or finished goods are known as organization buyers. Consumers – Purchase productsRead More →