Multinational Corporation

Multinational Corporations (MNC) – MNC`s are huge business organizations which extend their business operations beyond the country of its origin. They are multi-product and multi-process enterprises who extend their business activities in various countries through a large network of industries and marketing operations. A MNC can be simply defined asRead More →

Social Media & Web 2.0 in Business Environment

  Project/Slides/Presentation Transcript Subject: Business Environment Topic: Social Media & Web 2.0 in Business Environment SLIDE 1 – Social Media & Web 2.0 in Business Environment SLIDE 2 – Web 2.0 Web 2.0 describes World Wide Web sites that emphasize on user-generated content, usability, and inter-operability. SLIDE 3 – Web 2.0 can be described in threeRead More →

BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix Boston consultancy group growth share Matrix commonly known as BCG Matrix is a famous portfolio analysis technique developed by Boston consultancy group in the 1970`s. It was developed for managing portfolio of different business units. The BCG Matrix  shows a relationship between products that are generating cash andRead More →