Digital Marketing Skills – A Necessity for every Management Student

We are living in the era where we learn, communicate, entertain, shop and do much more on the internet itself. Almost all the students are influenced by the spellbinding social media sites these days. When these coded virtual worlds have become paramount enough to spend most of our valuable time in it, then there is no more use in marketing your brand outside of it. There is no sin in declaring that the traditional marketing is almost outdated and Digital Marketing Skills are in demand. This had once been a prophecy that is coming true on our watch now. So when we say that it’s time to grow your Digital Marketing Skills, we mean it.

If you still wonder why you should even read this article, then answer a few questions.

  1. Can you point out a single social media site without Ads?
  2. Did you place your last order on flipkart by seeing a wall poster?
  3. Are you still going through the classified section of the newspaper with a marker in hand?

  If your answer is no to all the questions above, you are left with no choice but paying attention to this article.

A Glimpse about digital marketing…

In simple words, digital marketing is the process of marketing online. According to a blog post written by Lucy Alexander in, the digital marketing is an all-embracing term that includes various assets and tactics to achieve the marketing goal. The assets refer to the social media sites, blog posts, infographics, etc., while the tactics include Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, email marketing and so on. Due to the ever increasing scope of social media sites, it becomes necessary to gradually move on from the traditional marketing to the digital marketing.

10 Tips on How To Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing Career

The three reasons why…

We could have compiled an exhaustingly lengthy list to brainwash you into learning digital marketing skills. Instead, we prefer sticking on to the following three points that are comprehensive enough to fulfil the job of convincing you to develop digital marketing skills.



As you are a management student, you would have realized by now that your syllabus was not competitive enough to run along with the ever increasing technological advancements. The word digital has become a powerful mantra to conquer the marketing world. Even though MBA is a professional course with a plethora of job opportunities, there is still a demand for the phenomenal talents in digital marketing. That is because of the lack of knowledge among students about the opportunities the digital marketing has to provide.

The corporates are striving hard to find marketing professionals in MBA graduates to increase their sales growth and profit. The marketing strategies are evolving each and every day that the competition remains intact even though the marketers are fast enough to come up with a new strategy daily.  Hence the companies are in an inevitable need of a large number of digital marketers who have the in-depth knowledge of the assets and tactics of digital marketing. So if you are smart enough to enrol in a digital marketing course today you would be one step ahead in the race when compared to your peers.

Demand for Digital marketers in India



If you hesitate to start the digital marketing course just because you are not a whiz-kid in computers, we assure you that you actually don’t have to be. The digital marketing is entirely non-technical and a little internet knowledge is enough to comprehend all the topics it has to cover. The eagerness and a strong will to learn are all you need to master any skill. As an MBA student, you are recommended to garner many skills while you are still in College. Don’t get carried away with the delusion that you don’t actually have time. You should learn time management so that you would realize how much free time you have got to improve your skills apart from your boring syllabus. The value-added courses you do will never affect your academic performance especially when it comes to the digital marketing course.

There are no required qualifications to enrol in a digital marketing course. It’s entirely based on your interest. Also, it doesn’t cost a fortune to join in the course. It is affordable enough to do it along with your MBA.

Here is an article on the Forbes that supports the fact that digital marketing is not as difficult as we think. Digital Marketing: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think



Smart people always plan long term. The things you do now should never let you down for the years to come. When it comes to planning your career, promising future. There is no doubt that learning digital marketing will be the best decision you take now considering the tremendous growth in this sector. Especially in India, the scope of digital marketing is constantly increasing so as the vacancy for digital marketers in leading companies. This situation will continue in the years to come. In fact, we can say that we are in the beginning stage of digital marketing envisaging the colossal technological advancements that are possible in the immediate future. The revolution of social media sites is the basis of digital marketing and the usage of social media never seem to cease so as the scope of digital marketing.

According to a report, 34% of the companies in India had already started devising their own digital marketing strategies in 2016 and 72% of the marketers approved the fact that the traditional marketing is no more sufficient. The cost of digital marketing is an added advantage when compared to the traditional marketing as the digital marketers have to spend only on social networking.

Growth of digital marketing in India

Therefore, we hope that you have realized the necessity for procuring the digital marketing skills. There are lots of certifications that would provide a detailed insight into the assets and tactics of digital marketing and also add weight to your resume. So, grow your Digital Marketing Skills by enrolling in a certification course today, for a better tomorrow. Good luck!

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wow this is really great insight on digital marketing skills. Its a fact that every business wants to grow and hence they are trying to capture market online so having these skills is must. Thanks a lot for sharing this article.