Why all Management Students must maintain a Journal?

“A Journal is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time. — Mina Murray

One of the greatest blessings from nature is waking up fresh on a new day. Not everyone is blessed with that opportunity. Every new day is our chance of self-improvement. We are constantly driven by emotions and those emotions decide whether our day is a great one or totally an exhausting one. In between our judgments about the nature of the day, there must be our small action or decision that had turned out to be the initiating factor of the day’s turn of events which was left unnoted. If that factor could be jotted down and preserved, we would be able to rectify our faults and could realize the pattern in which our life is moving on. The only traditional way to do so is maintaining a journal. Most wise men in the history had been maintaining a journal.  They spilled their accomplishments, defeats, embarrassments, bad decisions, future plans, emotions, and regrets in their journals. Those are the people who strived hard to engrave their name on the hardest surface of history and eventually succeeded in it.

As a management student, you should keep a record of your daily improvements and analyze how much you have mended yourself fit for the corporate world. Journal is a key to self-improvement, a tool to observe yourself keenly and a mirror that reflects the odd things in your life that require an immediate elimination.

How could you possibly write your journal?

Here is an article from the entrepreneur.com that might guide you toward using your journal for the personal improvement.

Keeping a Daily Journal Can Give You Tremendous Power

Here we have provided a list of four convincing reasons for you to maintain a journal and the impact of journaling on your career and success.



Efforts to Setting up a promising career start while you are still a student. The amount of hard work you put sometimes does not the draw the expected result leading to depression and a hopeless phase. The fact is that you are being ignorant about your own tiny accomplishments. While searching for the greater success, you just miss seeing the small achievements you have made on the way. Blame it on the huge expectations that mask your actual success and push you into the depressed state.

Hence, journaling could be a rational solution. When you could note down all the things you have done and the things you have got in return in your journal, then you would be able to figure out the things you have actually gained which would motivate you toward your greater success. In fact, it is scientifically proven that journaling reduces your anxiety and stress level. Noting down the events you think as the causes of your depression reduces it by letting you see it in a completely different angle. Getting relieved from your depression will be the first step in your success journey.

‘A stress-relief journal’s purpose is to give you a place to let go of the things that cause you stress.’ – Relieve Stress By Reading And Writing



When you are being too much determined in searching motivation from the world around you, you just cease to see the inspiring things within you. You are just walking through all the circumstances and changes that would have been a powerful motivation for you. The best of all motivations is the self-motivation. If you want others to believe in yourself when you are craving for an opportunity, you must first believe in yourself. Unfortunately, self-motivation requires deep self-observation and positivity. Hence, you could start writing a motivational journal outright in which you could jot down the following things: The new thing you learned today, the things you have accomplished, number of times you delivered a smile and the number of smiles you got in return. Yes! Just fill the pages with loads of positive things that happened throughout the day. Repeat it every day.  This way you are going to chisel yourself daily into a successful person who no longer needs the motivation from others.

Improve Your Self-Esteem with Journaling



As a student, you are in a constant need of loading things into your brain and keeping it intact in memory. But amidst the academic pressure, you might miss out several important things that should have been given a solid place in your brain. Hence, journal again acts as a solution in boosting up your memory.

When you spill the most important things in your journal it triggers the brain in to paying close attention and hence saving that fond memory in all its glory. This way you could organize your memory and will be able to remember even the smallest of details about the incident or thing you have penned down.

“It’s Scientifically Proven That If You Write Every Day You Will Remember More about Your Life!” – www.magneticmemorymethod.com

Source: How to Keep A Journal And Remember More



Your past has all the contents to construct your future only if you are clever enough to observe it. The actions and events that occurred in the past clearly reflect a pattern that could be used to derive productive plans for your future. The best possible way to find out the pattern is journaling. Journals enhance learning and development. If your journal is a record of your actions, the deliberate attempts focused on success and their results or consequences, then you could analyze the happenings more clearly in which the pattern reveals itself soon and hence you could set your future goal with all the valuable lessons from the past.

The following article will help you start a journal solely for your goals.

How to Keep a Journal for Your Goals

Best Journaling Apps for Android

Therefore, when you could rule out your stress, motivate yourself, sharpen your memory and have your goal set, then you have already got a head start in the race. And if you are clinging on to the fake assertion that journal is only for writers, it’s time you have already got over that belief and started scribbling your way to success.

P.S. If you feel insecure to jot down your secrets in the candid pages of a hardbound journal, you can go with the modern possible and secured way of journaling. There are lots of journaling applications available for your smartphones. Your journal is just a few clicks away.

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